We develop customised packages for you and your team. Because no team is the same right?
There is no one-sized fits all when it comes to success but here are a few ideas to get your mind thinking....

Choose from 2 hour – 2 year packages!

Team Building and Performance

Battle Nation!

Work together and develop team values that you agree to stick by for the day.  Grind your way through various activities in order to earn treasures that will add up to create the overall winners! This 2-3 hour package will ensure your team work together, are challenged and most importantly have fun!  


One to One Coaching


This activity requires 3-4 hours of excitement and challenges.  In your teams you will be required to complete as many challenges as possible in the time frames given. Taking photos as proof along the way your team will be given points on creativity, speed and team work! Rewards will be collected along the way to be counted toward the final showdown. 


Leadership development

Leadership Development

This challenging day will push your leaders to learn about themselves, in order to better lead their team.  Bring your tissues, this is no easy feat! However the rewards at the other end are nothing less than life changing. 

Culture Change in your business